About Bartercard

What is Bartercard?

In simple terms, Bartercard is a community of businesses that trade goods and services between each other. The fast facts of this massive networking opportunity are:

  • We have more than 55,000 cardholders you can trade with
  • Over $60 million in spare capacity and excess stock is traded through Bartercard on a monthly basis
  • More than 72 offices around the world participate in our barter trading community
  • We help companies reduce wastage and expenses, and increase productivity and profitability

Why use Bartercard?

Whether you’re in a position for taking on extra business, or you want to capitalise on networking opportunities within your industry, Bartercard offers some highly rewarding benefits. We’ve helped countless companies throughout Australia and across the globe to transform the way they do business, and can help you to:

  • Increase the selling and buying opportunities of your company
  • Increase your scope of marketplaces you have an influence in
  • Increase your potential for growth by providing you with more business
  • Decrease any potential for wasted excess stock, empty tables or rooms, or downtime of your staff by giving you the opportunity to trade these goods and services for something that will bring you value 
  • Decrease the current limitations you may be facing in the number of businesses you work with

Find out more about how Bartercard can work for you and unlock the potential for your company’s growth, probability and networking opportunities by speaking to one our professional consultants today.