How Can I Avoid a Bartercard Email Scam?

As Australia’s largest trading network, Bartercard takes great measures to ensure your financial security is upheld for every transaction made on our website. Sometimes, however, parties independent of Bartercard may create email scams aimed at obtaining personal information from our members.

Unfortunately this is something we are not able to control, but we can give you some tips to avoiding these email scams and ensuring your Bartercard membership remains secure. These include:

  • Although an email may appear as though it is from Bartercard, there are signs such as a suspicious origin email address, grammatical errors throughout the body of the email, and of course the actual content asking you to provide your personal details that provide red flags that it may be a scam. Bartercard will never ask for you to provide information such as bank details through an email.
  • Never reply to an email providing details about your Bartercard account or credit card information. All of our transactions occur through our secure website, not through email correspondence.
  • If you believe an email to be a scam pretending to be Bartercard, do not even click on any links within the email. This is how scammers are able to attach viruses to your computer.

If in doubt, remember you can always call Bartercard on 1300 BARTER (1300 227 837) and talk to our friendly consultants. We encourage anyone who believes they have been sent an unsolicited email under the pretence of being from Bartercard to report it to us, which you can do using the form to the right.